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Types of marble finish

Close your eyes and imagine marble in front of you…

I bet you have a polished marble in front of your eyes. 
The Polished finish is the most popular and is associated with the classic luxury of marble.

The surface acquires smoothness and mirror shine, the structure of the material and colors are revealed.

Polished marble can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, wall and furniture. Not recommended for flooring in high traffic areas, floors may be slippery, scratch-prone and lose their sheen over time.

Another popular finish is Honed.

The surface becomes smooth and matte, the pattern of veins is clearer. Used for wall and floor covering.

Many people stop here, but the world of marble finish is very diverse. 
Here are some of them:

The effect is a worn orange peel, the surface is textured but smooth and pleasant to the touch. The most interesting result is obtained when the marble has a rich mineral composition.

The surface becomes worn, rough, non-slip and lighter. Can be used outdoors and indoors.

This finish is designed for softer marbles with a variety of compositions. The surface becomes uneven and grooved, the color of the stone is revealed in a new way.
It is used in bathrooms, saunas, hammams, when facing walls in showers and pools.

Bush hammered
The surface is rough and non-slip.
This finish is obtained from a minimum thickness of 3 cm.
Used for outdoor coatings and floors.

The Linear finish is well suited for solid marbles with fine grains.
The surface is cut with parallel grooves.
The minimum thickness of the slab for finishing is 3 cm.

Water jet
The surface becomes rough, with high anti-slip performance. The color and texture of the stone become brighter. Suitable for rooms with high humidity.

The surface is rough and uneven.
Can be used in wet areas and outdoors due to its anti-slip properties.

This finish is used to give the stone an aged look with sand, pebbles and water. As a result, marble tiles look lived and with history.

This finish gives the marble an unfinished look, the marble has deep irregular grooves of varying thicknesses. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

When choosing finishing, in addition to aesthetic qualities, it is necessary to consider the hardness of the material, its composition, color and pattern. It is important to know for which zone the material is intended and what mechanical and natural influences it will be exposed to.

Processing should emphasize the natural features of the material and make it more wear-resistant to dirt and damage.

Ask your question in the feedback form, indicating the finish and material you are interested in, and we will help you create a cozy and authentic interior with marble.